On-site Solar Power

We design, build and maintain photovoltaic power and storage systems for rooftops, residential and commercial property.


Renewable energy right outside your door

With a custom-built photovoltaic installation, we can help you save on energy costs by using your rooftop or land to generate and store clean electricity safely and efficiently. 


Sustainable energy from technology you can trust


The PV system will be purpose-built for your location and energy needs.

Flexible Financing

Options include pay-per-use with no upfront costs.

Energy Storage

Store surplus electricity to ensure a reliable and flexible power supply.

Operations and Maintenance

O&M solutions that will keep your installation optimised for years to come.

Is on-site solar right for you?

If you have property, you can benefit from solar power

Solar power is a surprisingly adaptable energy solution. All you need is empty space on your property – whether that’s on land or on your rooftop

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Since our solutions are customised, we’ll design a solar power system especially suited to your property and energy needs.

And by adding energy storage, you can be sure of a  predictable source of power when you need it.  

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We’ll guide you through each stage of the process.

Every client’s location and energy needs are unique, and we understand that the process of installing an on-site energy supply can be daunting. We’ll develop a solar power system that’s right for you and provide support throughout the process.

1. Consultation

We’ll discuss your needs and arrange a site visit. 

2. Site Visit and Technical Audit

After determing the technical possibilities available at your location, we'll select the optimal solution based on your energy needs. 

3. Offer and Visualisation

Our team will prepare a visualisation of the installation and how it will be incorporated into your property, including the optimal PV components for your system. 

4. Construction

We’ll work closely with you to plan our construction schedule in order to deliver your installation on time wand with minimised impact on your day-to-day activities. 

5. Final Checks

Using specialised equipment, we’ll check whether the system is operating correctly and make any final technical adjustments, if necessary. 

6. Documentation

After construction is complete, we’ll prepare and send all documentation to the DSO and the fire department so that your installation can be connected and safely operated. 

7. Commissioning

With all final checks and documentation complete, you can start producing and storing clean electricity! 

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Operations and Maintenance

Our work doesn’t end when your installation is constructed. With our O&M solutions, we’ll maximise the lifetime and productivity of your installation.


Self-investment or Energy-as-a-Service?

We'll help you find the right financial solutions for your project.

We offer two financing options for our on-site PV solutions. 

You can either purchase the technology and installation outright or take advantage of our energy-as-a-service offer and avoid upfront costs. 

  Self-investment  Engergy-as-a-Service
Owner  Client  Photon Energy 
Upfront Investment Client  Photon Energy 
Costs  One-time payment  Montly payments 
Operations and Maintenance  Optional  Included


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Our clean energy solutions in action

Are you ready to take control of your energy security?

With over 15 years of experience building and managing PV installations around the world, Photon Energy is an industry leader with expertise you can trust. Our local team of experts is here to guide you through the process and find an on-site solar power solution that is safe, reliable and purpose-built for you.

Let’s get started.

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